Thanksgiving Day – radionica na satu engleskog jezika

Thanksgiving Day


DSC_0083On Thanksgiving Day we were making paper hats and bonnets similar to those Puritans wore. First we talked about their history and the way of life, watched a film and listen to the songs. The Pilgrim Fathers set off from Plymouth, a town in England in 1620. The name of the ship was ‘the Mayflower’. They landed in today’s Massachusets. The first winter was harsh and only half of 102 Pilgrims survived. The local Indians taught them to hunt, grow corn and hunt wild turkeys.

Five of our girls classmates were baking pumpkin pie in the kitchen. We ate delicious pumpkin pie, pancakes, apples and drank tea. Before meal we gave thanks for the things we have and then we started to eat. It was great.

Darko Rakić

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